Coding a New Chapter

Today was the second day of a web development course that I decided to take a little over 1 month ago. The significant people in my life, while excited for me, are definitely curious about my motivations for wanting to dive into web development as a career. For some of them, this curiosity is a result of their unfamiliarity with the tech industry. Okay. Others, however, seem to be inquiring about an esoteric inclination that I must have towards this type of work:

“Do you have any experience in tech?,” they ask.


“What do you plan on doing with that?”

Graduating with a political science degree, I thought, had given me plenty of practice in finding an answer to that question. I was surprised, though, to find how comfortable I was with not having an answer. One of the changes that I have decided to implement in my life is devoting my present energies on present entities. And, I think that is what drew me to web development.

I had tried to teach myself before but I found that I was easily discouraged because I was accustomed to a learning pattern that was not effective for a process as dynamic as web development. Not being able to get it was not something I could deal with at the time. As it turns out not getting it is a prerequisite to getting it – and, I didn’t get that.

Enduring the transition from not knowing what something is to being able to implement it as you see fit is trying, but very much worth the effort. This transition is what Angela Lee Duckworth is referring to when she talks of grit being a better indicator of success than talent or IQ. The idea is really liberating after a brief reflection; at each moment, we have myriad options as to how we can allocate our energies or vital resources. And – more often than we realize – our future depends on which options we choose or decline.

If precedent is any indicator, the sun will rise tomorrow. By then, we each will have had countless opportunities to shape our lives in a way that is meaningful. I will take this present opportunity to thank you for reading.